Lonely walk, London 2016


Published by Thomas Didilis

Hi, I 'm Thomas, that's my way of tasting a life.. Passion for cooking and travelling.. same like listening to an eternal melodic sound.. keeping all the experiences in the magic box of memories.. I live and work in London as a Chef. Spending my time cooking, travelling, exploring, cycling, photographing and being imaginative..or otherwise..alive! Enjoy the trip through my vision and my taste..

10 thoughts on “Lonely walk, London 2016

  1. This is one of the most beautiful blog I have come across resulting in hitting the follow button on it 🙂 Not to exaggerate but really your work is very appreciable! I too have some of my photographs and poetry which are showcased on the https://armytalesblog.wordpress.com .Hope you too would like to view my work and let me know how you found them.. I’ll be more glad if you would like to follow my blog to get to see my upcoming work 🙂 Happy Posting 🙂

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for your truly words.. I am trying to save some moments in the eternal memory of this life..trying to taste her as much I can. I have to say, that the poetry in cooperation with your photos are admirable!Happy to follow feautured posts! Wishes for an adorable evening.. 🙂

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      1. Frankly speaking your admiration has made me speechless. Thank you for all that . Your kind words have really inspired me to showcase more work. Thanks again 🙂 Happy Weekend 🙂

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