Sunday roast remaking

My proposition and presentation, for the classic British Sunday roast.

I have used a rump and a cutlet of lamb.  After being marinated the hole night, I cooked it on the char grill.

I chose to accompany the tender lamb, with slow cooked sweet and sour red cabbage, triple cooked potatoes and honey roasted parsnips.

Finally, the red wine lamb jus, gave that glaze and strengthened the flavour.

Bon appetite!


Published by Thomas Didilis

Hi, I 'm Thomas, that's my way of tasting a life.. Passion for cooking and travelling.. same like listening to an eternal melodic sound.. keeping all the experiences in the magic box of memories.. I live and work in London as a Chef. Spending my time cooking, travelling, exploring, cycling, photographing and being imaginative..or otherwise..alive! Enjoy the trip through my vision and my taste..

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