My path

When I finished my studies in Information Technology, I felt lost. Therefore, I started a search, based on what I love. Hoping that I would found something to follow the rest of my life.

The answer came while I was cooking. The creation, the imagination, the use of all my senses, together with a huge excitement, was the answer. I moved in United Kingdom and start looking for a job, as an assistant, in London’s kitchens. I worked hard to go inside a very demanding profession, without having any previous experience. I managed to get qualified and have worked in some remarkable kitchens.

Photography is able to create an illusion, depending the angle of the lenses, but also is an expression of my inner self. Can be emotional and melancholic or either pleasant and uplifting, but always artistic. Can be professional and strict or either the resource of keeping memories engraved forever.

Yours truly,

Thomas Didilis

“Such an indulging meal, presented in a spectacular way, made our evening unforgettable.”

Clotilde Monselier