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It was drinking more than thinking that drew people to the original symposia and that gave us the word symposium. The ancient Greeks would often follow a banquet with a drinking party they called a “symposion.” That name came from “sympinein,” a verb that combines pinein, meaning “to drink,” with the prefix syn-, meaning “together.” Originally, English speakers only used “symposium” to refer to such an ancient Greek party, but in the 18th century British gentlemen’s clubs started using the word for gatherings in which intellectual conversation was fueled by drinking. By the 19th century, “symposium” had gained the more sober sense we know today, describing meetings in which the focus is more on the exchange of ideas and less on imbibing.

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The menu combines Mediterranean and French cuisine, and changes with the seasons. We source fresh produce from local farmers.
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Sample Menu


Winter salad

Roasted and pickled beetroot with walnuts, blueberries, apple and chestnuts.


Hearty beef

Fillet of Angus beef, truffle celeriac, carrot, asparagus, chanterelle mushrooms and red wine jus.


Chocolate temptation

Chocolate creameaux, fluffy sponge, toasted hazelnuts, Kirsch cherries.

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“Our dinner was delicious and the overall experience was unforgettable. Chef Thomas has a professional attitude, with a great sense of humor. ” Sofia Basile

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Monday to Sunday

11:30 am until 09:30 pm


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